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Tongue Drum - 12 Inch 13 Notes

Tongue Drum - 12 Inch 13 Notes

Lotus-Inspired Steel Tongue Drum - C Major

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Elegance Meets Sound
The allure of the lotus has been beautifully incorporated into the design of this 12-inch steel tongue drum. Its enchanting form is not just a visual treat but resonates with the calming and rejuvenating vibes of body cultivation, qi quieting, and healing practices such as yoga. Let each beat take you on a meditative journey, aligning your mind, body, and soul.

Amplified Acoustics
Thanks to its uniquely skeletonized bottom design, every note played on this drum is amplified, creating a mesmerizing auditory experience. Whether you're in a peaceful corner of your home or amidst nature, the volume remains loud and clear, ensuring an uninterrupted flow of rhythm.

Exceptional Craftsmanship
Crafted with brand-new carbon steel, the durability and quality of this drum are unparalleled. The tonal quality is translucent, making it a joy to play and listen to. Experience the depth of middle and bass notes, with a sustain that's just right – not too long and not too short. With its impeccable tuning stability, rest assured your music sessions remain pitch-perfect.


  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Key: C Major
  • Notes: 13
  • Scale: G3 A3 B3 C4 D4 E4 F4 G4 A4 B4 C5 D5 E5
  • Diameter: 12 inches
  • Weight: 2.7kg


  • 10-inch Steel Tongue Drum
  • Drum Bag
  • Songbook
  • Pair of Mallets
  • 4 Finger Sticks
  • Music Note Stickers
  • Cleaning Cloth


Limited 2-year warranty

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With the steel tongue drum, there are no limits to expressing your musicality. Children can uncover the enchantment of music early, nurturing creativity and self-confidence. Adults can rekindle their love for music and find a serene refuge from daily life's pressures.

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Savor the Music of the Steel Tongue Drum

A wellspring of unending joy and creativity for all ages. It's not just delightful to play; it also acts as the perfect extension to your family's musical adventure. Picture owning a new family piano—smaller, easier to handle, more fun, and budget-friendly!