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Gecko Crescent 15-Note Kalimba - G Major

Gecko Crescent 15-Note Kalimba - G Major

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Package Includes

Tuning Hammer
Kalimba Pouch


  • Material: Acacia
  • Scale: C4 D4 E4 F4 G4 A4 B4 C5 D5 E5 F5 G5 A5 B5 C6 D6 E6.
  • Finish: Relief
  • Weight: 0.8 KG
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The Ethereal Melodies Kalimba: A Musical Jewel

Immerse yourself in the rich, melodic tones of the ethereal melodies 15-note kalimba, a musical instrument that transcends the ordinary. Crafted from premium Yunbin wood, its crescent moon shape isn't just visually stunning; it's ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hands, ensuring hours of playing without strain.

Revolutionary Sound Hole Design for Enchanting Vibrato

This kalimba's innovative design features strategically placed sound holes at the back, a unique approach that allows for the creation of haunting vibrato effects. By simply covering one hole and gently waving your fingers over the other, you'll add a surreal, airy dimension to your music that captivates listeners.

Loud and Proud: Dynamic Sound Projection

The dual rear sound holes also serve another purpose: when covered, they enhance the kalimba's volume and clarity. This means you can easily adapt your play style to different environments, from intimate indoor gatherings to open-air performances, and ensure your music is always heard loud and clear.

Crystal-Clear Tones with Mineral Metal Tines

The kalimba's keys are made from a high-quality mineral metal, offering a sound that's both bright and clear. The tines have been meticulously tuned and have a pleasant tactile feedback, so every note you play is as satisfying to the touch as it is to the ear.

Intuitive Note Markings for Easy Learning

Each key is labeled with an intuitive note marking, making it a breeze for beginners to learn and play. The markings are designed to be durable and resistant to fading, so they'll remain visible through countless practice sessions and performances.

Yunbin Wood Construction: Aesthetic Appeal Meets Durability

The body of the kalimba is carved from Yunbin wood, known for its fine grain and exceptional acoustic properties. The wood's natural beauty is highlighted by a smooth finish, ensuring that this instrument is as much a work of art as it is a music maker.

Ergonomic Design for Ultimate Comfort

The crescent moon shape of the kalimba isn't just for show; it's the result of thoughtful ergonomic engineering. This design allows for a natural grip and effortless access to the tines, reducing fatigue and allowing you to express your music with ease. Whether you're a seasoned musician or just starting, the ethereal melodies kalimba will be a cherished addition to your collection.

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