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8-Note 10-Inch Travel Tongue Drum

8-Note 10-Inch Travel Tongue Drum

Premium Copper-Infused Steel Tongue Drum - A Akebono

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Superior Metallurgical Craftsmanship
Experience the brilliance of metallurgical engineering with the 10-inch travel steel tongue drum. Crafted with an innovative copper-infusion process, this drum promises enhanced durability by warding off corrosion and bacteria. The presence of copper ions not only bolsters the drum’s longevity but accentuates its structural strength, assuring you of a product that's built to last.

Resonant & Layered Acoustics
Dive deep into a world of enchanting acoustics with the drum’s exceptional vibrational characteristics. Post the intricate age heat treatment, the drum emanates sounds leaning towards the warm resonance of copper. It promises a rich overtone and a layered auditory journey. With its mid to low tones taking the spotlight, prepare to be swept off your feet with its captivating melodies.

Melodic Tuning for the Traveler
Are you a wanderlust-driven soul? This steel tongue drum is your ideal travel companion! Lightweight and convenient, it guarantees a top-notch musical experience wherever you go. Its melodic tuning ensures that every note you play is unique and brimming with style.


  • Material: Copper Steel
  • Notes: 8
  • Scale: A3 B3 C4 E4 F4 A4 B4 C5
  • Diameter: 10 inches
  • Weight: 1.7kg


  • 10-inch Steel Tongue Drum
  • Drum Bag
  • Songbook
  • Pair of Mallets
  • 4 Finger Sticks


Limited 2-year warranty

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Have you ever felt the urge to play your favorite drum while traveling? The musical itch that just can't be scratched because you're on the move? Meet the ultimate solution: a portable, compact, and lightweight drum designed explicitly for on-the-go musicians. In a park, on a train, or at a friend's house – this drum allows you to practice anywhere. This isn't just another instrument; it's a traveling companion for the modern musician. Let's delve into its features and discover why it's perfect for you.

Portable Design

Carrying your music around shouldn't be a burden, right? This drum's design philosophy revolves around mobility. It's meant to be carried around without any hassle. Comes with a custom travel drum bag, tailored to keep your drum safe during travels.

Harmonic Quality

Not compromising on sound, it offers rich harmonic and layered feelings. With clear lows and mids, the sound is finely balanced, ready to resonate with your creativity.